Parker Palm Springs Welcome Party

‘Growing up in Southern California, Palm Springs was a frequent weekend getaway for my family, extended family and friends, and still is. For years my grandmother had a house in the area and Palm Springs history, culture, design, fashion, and overall ‘vibe’ has always been apart of my life. We decided to hold all of the weekends’ events at The Parker because it embodied what Mark and I were looking for so perfectly as a wedding venue.  The Parker has personality, it has history, it has disco, it has a pool fit for a pool party, it incorporates nature in its design, and it embodies the Retro Palm Springs vibe that we love so much.

Mark and I have a love for Slim Aarons and all of his work; especially connected with the shots that he took in California in the 60’s and 70’s. His work was an inspiration throughout the entire wedding weekend, especially in the wedding party photos we took by the pool before the welcome party.

As both of us love a good costume party, it was the ideal place to ask guests to dress in theme on Friday night at the welcome party. We dabbled in various theme ideas from French Revolution to Star Wars, but decided that my favorite theme – Retro Palm Springs – was much more obvious, easier for guests, and a picture-perfect fit. All of our guests did such and amazing job – all night we were entertained by the bright colors and fabulous retro-inspired outfits, hair-dos and accessories. We felt as if Bing Crosby or Nancy Sinatra might walk-in at any moment. ‘ – Mebus

Mark wore a Brunello Cucinelli white linen suit that he picked out, and a pink shirt – the perfect shade in my opinion! I wore a Leal Daccarett dress made of a pale yellow retro print silk.  My hair was in a themed tease and I borrowed my grandmother’s canary diamond cocktail ring for an authentic old school addition.  It was an unbelievable night put on by Marks parents.  Everything added up to equal a night of fun that I had dreamed about for a year.  The 14 toasts given at the rehearsal dinner were the highlight.