The Island Farm Private Estate | San Gregorio California Wedding

As seen on Martha Stewart Weddings and Carats & Cake

Because our love grew from travel and the outdoors, there was no better place than to be married amongst the trees. At first, our thoughts went straight to Colorado where our love began, but then our hearts slowly trickled north toward the redwood trees- the ancient giants. And what better way to preserve our commitment to one another than to do so surrounded by one of gods most beautiful creations?

The search was now on, I had to find a location where the forest could perfectly welcome us into a wandering reception and that was able to capture our mystical dream. I eventually found the location, Island Farm, then after more and more research, I finally found my dream team at Coastside Couture.

Our relationship began four years ago when Eric invited me out for drinks with his friends in Aspen, Colorado, as we just so happened to be there at the same time.  I hesitantly agreed because I had only known of Eric through mutual family friends whom his brother had recently married into from my home town in south Texas.  I met up with Eric and his friends (all seven of them) for a cocktail and a fun night on the town.  I instantly thought he would be an amusing friend to have in my life, but nothing more.  It wasn’t until the subsequent two days of hiking through the aspen trees and conversing on life goals and dreams, that I started to realize this could be more than just friendship.  Alas, both of our holidays ended and we went on our separate ways but kept in touch until Eric finally convinced me to visit him in Denver.  Our relationship carried on in this manner as rendezvous in exciting cities around the country until he finally came to Texas, packed up my bags, then took me to Frisco, Colorado to live with him. Eventually, we moved back to Texas to build our roots and life. Until one amazing day, two years later, he casually planned a hike to our favorite spot by a river in the mountains, in Frisco, to propose to me.  And that is the start of our love story.

  • Venue: The Island Farm Private Estate San Gregorio California
  • Photographer: BrittRenePhoto
  • Film Scans: PhotoVisionPrints
  • Videographer: MTTWLLMS
  • Coordinator/Planner: Coastside Couture
  • Florist: Seascape Floral
    • Ceremony Strings: Cello Street Quartet (cellos are my absolute favorite instrument. I worked with the lead cello to curate the music to make it unlike people have ever heard at a wedding)
    • Band: VIPs Entertainment
    • Hair/ make up: Carly Wise
    • Wedding Dress: Berta
    • Bridesmaid: my design 😉 and had custom made by Coutures by Laura in Austin, Texas
    • Groom: Armani and Lanvin
    • Shoes: Prada
    • Jewels/ rings: Devan Collection (my sister’s collection; designed it all!)
    • Hair piece: Liv Hart
    • Cake/ Dessert: Urban Organics
    • Invites/ programs/ signage: Meldeen in Austin, Texas; worked custom design with founder Kaleigh Wiese
  • Crystals: Bill Kaunitz aka “crystal Bill” at Elegant Crystals
  • Associate Photographer: Danielle Dlillian Photography
I can’t say that I had a strategic plan for the wedding as everything happened so organically. I think it all started with my fairly-like envisions and spiritual influence; I knew originality was key. My conversations with Karissa and Heidi were pretty hysterical- even with Darcy from Seascape flowers- but we all painted a beautiful picture through opened hearts and opened minds, never any judgement. The whole wedding absolutely had to be in the trees, no exceptions. I knew that the trees would carry on the love of our ceremony and that energy would be preserved for the reception. When I think about being in an enchanted forest, my mind always took me to richness and vibrancy. Texture was a huge component of planning because I was adamant about how every sense needed to be as heightened as possible. Everything you looked at you wanted to touch, to feel, and to taste. This then opened up the idea of a  “feast” like dinner, with tables overflowing in moss, velvet, color, and depth. My caterer, Brittany from Urban Organics, understood me immediately and ran with it whole heartedly. One thing I told each vender was to express from your creative perspective, because if we all express from the deepness of our hearts, magic will be created. I don’t think there was a moment that I didn’t trust my remarkable team because of this. And violà!