Ramekins Wedding | Lisa and Dan

For Dan and Lisa, it was love at 3rd sight. They initially met in college, at the University of Arizona, where Dan was studying architecture. Their 2nd encounter was at the San Francisco Yacht Club, where Lisa was working at the front desk. Next came happy hour and a Giant’s game with mutual friends.  Sitting next to each other at the end of the bar, Lisa was desperate to find something to talk about, so she asked Dan what his favorite football team was. He responded with, “Well, I’m from Houston so the Texans.” Lisa politely told him that his answer was incorrect and the only appropriate answer to that question is the San Francisco 49ers. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

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a little side note:  this beautiful bride is also a lyme warrior, battling a disease that still has so many questions.   love that they decided to choose 3 charities for our registry: Lyme disease research, Bull Terrier Rescue Inc (where they got their dog sheer from), and Fisher House which is a veteran’s charity.

a special thanks to the amazing team that got together to help these two have their perfect day!

Venue: Ramekins Culinary School, Events and Inn
Planner: Ashley Smith with Buzzworthy Events SF
Photographer: BrittRene Photo
DJ: Meghan Pennie with Heart of Gold DJs
Florist: Aubriana Kasper
Hair: Mine and the Bridesmaids was done by Heidi at Lauthr Salon in Petaluma
Makeup: Mine was done by Kaiti Dunker at Primp Salon in Santa Rosa and the bridesmaids was with Megan from Lauthr Salon in Petaluma
Wedding Dress: Designer was Jim Hjelm and I bought it from Bridal Galleria in San Francisco. I also had my brother name tag from his Marine Corp cami’s sowed into the hem of my dress. My father, all my uncles on both sides, my mom’s dad, and both of my brothers were in the military so it was really important to me to honor that. I used the name tag as my something old because Lehman is now my old last name 🙂
Bridesmaids Dresses: From Nordstroms, I believe the brand was Felicity & Co. It was a $60 dress and I wore it in black when I was a bridesmaid for my friends wedding (and yes that friend was one of my 12 bridesmaids)
Shoes: Sam Edelman sandals
Jewels: I borrowed two diamond and sapphire rings from Sausalito Jewlers – my sister-in-law works there so she let me borrow them as my something blue. Earrings no idea I bought them from nordstroms. The pearl necklace I wore was borrowed from my mother. Her godmother gave those pearls to my Nana (my mom’s mom) when she was maid of honor in her (the godmother’s) wedding.
Rings: My engagement ring, wedding band and Dan’s band were designed and bought from my sister-in-law at Sausalito Jewelers. The center diamond of my engagement ring was my mother’s diamond from her wedding ring. I had Dan’s ring engraved in the inside to read “I love you equal”
Cake/Desserts: We skipped the cake because Ramekins offered a dessert bar and neither Dan nor I had any dessert
Invites: Ordered from Etsy.
My cousin Catherine Kapus was our officiant. She is the oldest of the Lehman cousins and was the only girl until I came along. She actually got fully ordained for our wedding! Dan’s suit was custom made for him and he was super excited about the fancy lining because it had a pattern.