Backyard Wedding Reception | Southern California

I have never seen my sister so happy, literally glowing. not only did my big sis say “I do” to one amazing man, at a beautifully intimate courthouse ceremony, they’re welcoming a little boy in september, yup! thats right, I’m finally going to be a “real” auntie.

i loved the idea they had for the gender reveal – cake cutting during their small celebratory reception- in our parents backyard. it was perfect.

huge thanks to our parents who put this beautiful reception together. my mama (platypus perspective) is one artistically gifted woman and made my sister’s vision come to life. and another big thanks to matt ( for helping me capture their perfect day and get me in a couple family photos and even let me enjoy a glass of vino.

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Venue: Our Parents Backyard- Private Estate

Photographer: Brittrenephoto and

Florist: Patti – Platypus Perspective (and help from our friendly neighbors)

Catering: Chef Elizabeth Whitt

Cake: Simply Sweet Cakery

Dress: Halston Heritage

Invites: earthereal design

Menu: side street designs

Music: gig masters ( Guitar- pay larijani. Harp- Hee Jin Yoon)

Vintage PhotoBooth: Paper Moon

Shawls: Platypus Perspective

Favors: Platypus Perspective

Hand Tie Dye Curtains: Platypus Perspective

Moon: a product of our parents date night…

and I’ve had a couple ask me where my dress is from: Flynn Skype a great boutique based in venice CA. and thanks Ana for helping behind the bar! xoxo