When I first matched up with Niki on Hinge I had no idea that I was about to meet the love of my life.

By this time in my life I had been through the internet dating ringer for a number of years, and my expectations for finding a meaningful relationship had all but washed away. But I trudged on. A relentless warrior soldering through dark and uninspiring times that were punctuated only by acute disappointment.

Upon matching with Niki I set about our first conversation with battle honed texting skills and a fire in my heart. My emotions, which have always been worn snuggly on the very end of my sleeves, were poised to either be lifted to the skies, or broken against the unforgiving shores of the Island of Solitude.

With rapid pulse, sweaty palms and eyes fixed in concentration I sent my most witty and charming opening text. To my most delighted surprise, our first text conversation started off with the best banter I had ever had, and it made me more than excited to meet this cute and clever girl.

It was time.

I called upon my mastery of Yelp to pick a swanky spot, as I was still new to the area, and set up a date to enjoy delectable libations for the very next night. After our first date I didn’t know where things were going. I just remember thinking, “This girl is really cool, and I definitely want to see her again.”

And so I did. And the more I got to know Niki, the more amazing she became. She was incredibly sweet, endlessly curious, thoughtful, funny, light hearted and so much fun to be around. And I just kept thinking, “I definitely want to see this girl again.”

I’d never met anyone that made me feel so comfortable being myself, and loved me for all of my stupid jokes and bad dance moves. And I’d never met a girl that I so thoroughly enjoyed spending my time with. She was the first girl I was ever truly excited for my friends to meet, because I knew they would love her.

I felt like I was finally falling in love for all of the right reasons.

As time went on our relationship continued to grow stronger and closer, and I’ve never been so happy. Niki is absolutely the perfect girl for me, and she inspires me to grow and be a better person every day.

I am so lucky to get to spend my life with her, and I can’t wait to marry her.

I liked it… and I put a ring on it.