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i am always a bit behind sharing my personal travels… but i am doing my best to stay on top of them, after all  these are the experiences I live for… the worlds breathtaking beauty, the people we meet, those remote places, the quiet moments, dinners that usually involve a long exposure or timelapse and a “bar-top” with the most amazing views. my favorite moments are getting to a campsite at night, listening to the crashing waves, the creek or the whistling trees knowing morning is just around the corner, and i cant wait!!!  waking up the next morning to hot tea and thee most amazing views. it doesn’t get much better than that. take it all in.

capturing all these adventures make me a better photographer, its what inspires me most.

here is matt and I’s first road trip in his “new” toasty back in march… since this trip we (well… by we, i mean i helped buy the materials?, that counts right?) have made a lifted bed in the back. great for storing crates and enjoying a 5 star sleeping experience. car camping at its best. follow our toastys travels at

we left San Francisco and headed north to crater lake… stopping at the base of Mt. Shasta for a few shots, stretch our legs and find some grub. we found a little nook on our way to crater lake where we parked the toasty for the night got some shut eye and beat the sun to watch it rise.

scarf and knit blanket:

IMG_7889BRP_2224-2BRP_1090BRP_11972 copy copyBRP_1114BRP_2212-2webBRP_0982BRP_1158BRP_1217BRP_1244BRP_1265BRP_1368IMG_7828-2we were lucky enough to have a friend offer their beach house… uhh yes please, we were so grateful. we rolled it right at sunset on a super clear, calm, warm spring evening, very unlike the oregon coast.  and if it couldn’t get better, this beach house turned out to be just 5 minutes from a rock i had been stalking for years. yes! stalking… totally normal, right?

i loved the beautiful evening but i pushed my luck once more and asked for a bit of weather and wind for the next day, cuz we all know how much i love my wind… but mother nature gave me a run for my money… the chill, the wind and rain drops made this shoot prettay challenging. needless to say, now i have a greater respect for my couples when i throw them on a rock in a sun dress in san francisco… but i must say, its always worth it! and it was totally worth it. (photo by
BRP_1395IMG_7883webBRP_1171BRP_1405BRP_1653copyBRP_1830yup. the next day was another perfect warm, clear morning… we said thank you, took the toasty for a spin on the beach and continued on our way to play at the sand dunes, check out the amazing coastline, hang out with some elk and check out the winery that forever changed my life… (check out my journey with lyme disease here)

BRP_1926BRP_1948BRP_1954webBRP_2032BRP_2005BRP_2036BRP_2247webBRP_2291-2BRP_2339BRP_2373BRP_2353some snap shots of us from our trip!

see you soon oregon, we love you!


mt shasta pit stop…IMG_8007pacific star winery, california…


crater lake, oregon

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