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hannah + cliff | santa cruz engagement

Our engagement has been a short but sweet one! With only 9 months to plan for a wedding we definitely went all in, rallied the troops and have embraced everything DIY.


Cliff and I have always talked about marriage, but I knew he was going to propose when I started seeing jewelry store business cards lying around our home. For a few months, I spent countless hours getting all done up for every outing and each holiday in hopes that he would be “popping the question.” One night, I got a frantic call from Cliff while I was at work insisting that I come by his parents’ house after my shift at 11pm. Exhausted, I pulled up to the house and saw him pacing around the front patio in street clothing. This was strange because his parents recently became the proud owners of two Australian Cattle dogs whose dirty paws and puppy gnawing encourage us to dress down when we visit. I immediately got all flustered and butterflies swirled in my stomach. I frantically dug in my purse for makeup to touch up with and even asked Siri which finger an engagement ring went on – could this be THE night?! Cliff met me at my car and nearly dragged me into the house as my heart beat faster and faster. And just when I thought it was another false alarm, I melted at the sight of a path of white and red rose petals that led me from the front doorway and into the living room. I burst into tears as Cliff grasped my hand toward the fireside glass coffee table that was perfectly set with a chilled bottle of champagne, a pair of toasting flutes … and a small white MYSTERY BOX. He got down on one knee and completely took my breath away with an amazing speech about our love, how he couldn’t live another moment before making me his bride-to-be and the most incredible sparkling ring. Between my blubbering and jumping up and down, I said “Yes, to infinity and beyond” and we celebrated with kisses, twirling hugs and champagne.


We chose to get married at Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos because his parents were married there 31 years ago and have been amazing role models to us. Cliff’s late maternal grandmother also grew up in Santa Cruz and because she played such a huge role in his life it was only fitting that her spirit be with us on our special day. We also have such a strong affinity for Santa Cruz and love to spend our free time collecting shells at the beach, fishing off Wharf and dining across town.


We can’t wait to have a romantically sun-soaked wedding day celebrating our love with our dearest friends and family!

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